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One Caring Adult Foundation

The origin of One Caring Adult Foundation


During the summer of 2007 at the Los Angeles Campus of Springfield College, Team B was seriously concerned about the future of at-risk youth. While working on Project III, the team realized their dedication to effect change in their homes, schools, and communities


Research began by asking three questions:


1. How effective are community based youth    empowerment programs?

2.     What are some of the issues affecting positive youth  development?

3.  How can early intervention in the home, schools, religious establishments or churches and the community in general contribute to positive youth development?


The team conducted a quantitative and qualitative interview of nine local youth organizations and concluded the organizations work was not recognized enough and they are pressed for funding although they continue to keep strong moral values of leadership.

Mission Statement:

Assisting and encouraging youth bridge to productive and responsible adults.

Mentoring Goals:
Monthly phone contact.
- Listen to youth. No face to face 
- Provide no financial support.
- Do not give last names or phone
- Confidentiality.
- Give encouragement.
- Give referrals if needed


One Caring Adult makes the difference.

Team B Members: 
Seda Adjamian
Amy Chiou
Beulah Giddings
Joyce Cleveland
Abdul Mateen
Fernando Tapia


Kristal Cutley


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